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Welcome to our ingredients database

Explore the good stuff inside

Welcome to our ingredients database

Explore the good stuff inside

Welcome to our ingredients database

Explore the good stuff inside

Birch Bark Extract

I’m a hair-strengthening superhero: I help keep hair fortified, which means it can stay more healthy overall.

Technical Term

Betula Alba Bark Extract

Ingredient Class

Hero Ingredients

I’m an active ingredient that powers a bunch of cool products.

I help keep hair nourished & healthy.

How I'm made

I’m an extract from the silver-white bark of the Birch tree, which grows in parts of Europe and in North America.

How I work

You can find me enriching a bunch of awesome Allkinds hair products: I help support the health of your hair with my Vitamin-C-rich composition, which helps to support healthy hair growth. I promote the general fortification and strength of your hair, so it feels Allkinds of nourished and smooth.

Fun fact

I come from Birch trees, which are sort of special in the tree world: their bark isn’t thick and coarse like you’d find on most other trunks. Instead, it’s sort of paper-like: it peels away from the trunk in curly-looking sheets. Kind of cool, huh?

Where you can find me

I’m Allkinds of all over the place: find me keeping your hair happy in a bunch of awesome Hair Helpers products.

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