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Welcome to our ingredients database

Explore the good stuff inside

Welcome to our ingredients database

Explore the good stuff inside

Welcome to our ingredients database

Explore the good stuff inside


I’m a natural emollient and humectant: I help to hydrate skin & hair, keeping both soft and smooth.

Technical Term


Ingredient Class

Sidekick Ingredients

I’m a sidekick: I help assist active ingredients by enriching different formulas to make them even more awesome.

How I'm made

I come from pantothenic acid, which exists in all living cells and tissues: the process to make the form of me that goes in products involves chemical condensation of synthetic R-pantolactone with 3-aminopropanol—that’s a fancy way to say that I’m derived from nature, but need a little lab help to make me suitable for going in products.

How I work

I’m converted into Vitamin B5 in the body, which is also known as pantothenic acid: I’m both an emollient and a humectant, which means that I can help to attract moisture to the skin and seal it there, keeping that hydration locked in for the long haul. I’m very helpful for hair, too—I help make it feel smooth and healthy while adding slip for better detangling.

Where you can find me

I’m Allkinds of all over the place: your can find me helping your skin feel fresh in Superwash. I also help hair stay awesome: find me in Hair Helpers Shampoos, Conditioners, Hair Masks and more.

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