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Welcome to our ingredients database

Explore the good stuff inside

Welcome to our ingredients database

Explore the good stuff inside

Welcome to our ingredients database

Explore the good stuff inside

Australian Brown Sugar

I’m a multitasking, skin-hydrating, ultra-smoothing hero ingredient that powers every product in the Lazy Days world.

Technical Term

Sucrose (Sugar)

Ingredient Class

Hero Ingredients

I’m an active ingredient that powers a bunch of cool products.

I’m naturally exfoliating and hydrating: I help leave skin feeling soft & nourished.

How I'm made

I'm made in the leaves of the sugar cane plant by photosynthesis. During milling, sugar cane is crushed to extract the juice. The juice is cleaned and concentrated into a syrup. The sugar crystals that form from there is what's called 'raw' sugar.

How I work

I'm derived from cane sugar and have all kinds of benefits for your skin. I help to draw in moisture (which makes me a ‘humectant’) and I have antibacterial properties, which means I’m both naturally hydrating and clarifying. I contain a gentle amount of naturally-occurring glycolic acid, which helps to clear away dead skin cells to promote overall better hydration. Overall, I help make skin feel smooth like pancakes. Sweet, right?

Fun fact

I come from the Colonial Sugar Refining Company, which has provided Australia with high-quality sugar for 160 years.

Where you can find me

I’m Allkinds of all over the place: find me keeping your skin happy in all the sweet, cosy stuff in the Lazy Days range, as well as gently exfoliating your skin in a bunch of awesome body scrubs.

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