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Always Improving

Sustainability is important to us, and as a new business we've worked to examine, leverage and push forward every opportunity we can to do better. As we grow, we're working towards an even more sustainable future. See how we're starting:

Conscious ingredients

What goes into our products matters not just for kids' skin, but for the planet. From eliminating ingredients like triclosan, a common cosmetic ingredient that is toxic to aquatic ecosystems, to choosing nature-backed ingredients with renewable sources: we examine each and every ingredient we use.

Reducing our footprint

As much as we can, we've used paper packaging, no packaging or renewed materials– like fabric made from recycled water bottles. Wherever possible our packaging is recyclable: we're always working on doing better, and have big goals in mind to how we can improve where we've started.

Refills on refills
on refills

We've launched with refill offerings to reduce packaging and have plans to introduce more. It's our goal to make sure that the refill environments are safe and won't promote any bacteria growth, so we haven't launched all of our refills just yet: we're taking our time to get it right.

TerraCycle Zero

Waste Boxes

In-Store Recycling

We teach kids that recycling can be fun and rewarding. Our in-store recycling boxes from TerraCycle turns used plastic into all kinds of useful things.

We take our commitment to sustainability very seriously, which means that we know we can always do better: we promise to continue to be diligent and improve as we grow.

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